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The Learning Corridor

Your Virtual Learning Lab


A culmination of industry best practices and case studies across relevant development sector domains applicable for internal organisational development.

Collaborative Practices

A platform for networking and connecting with leading resources within the development sector.

The Practice Vault

A repository that integrates practice and theory to create an experiential learning environment using white papers, blogs and reports.

Why The Learning Corridor?

The Learning corridor is nestled within toolbox INDIA Foundation’s mission and our vision for the future. We aim to empower impact communities with all the tools necessary to drive organisational development within their establishments. To realise this goal, we, at toolbox INDIA have developed a virtual learning lab that serves as a think tank for learning and social innovation.

Who is The Learning Corridor for?

The Learning Corridor is for organisations who are looking to scale and implement effective processes. The platform will help NPOs build organisation, people, and program capacity. 


toolbox INDIA is inviting articles/ blogs/ reports to be shared on The Learning Corridor as a part of 'Collaborative Practice' initiative. Launched earlier during the midst of the COVID-19 induced lockdown, Collaborative Practice aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices, stories and much more, including COVID-19 measures among nonprofits in India.

What's new!

Digital Dialogues @ toolbox INDIA

Virtual round tables facilitated by toolbox INDIA Foundation on topics of interest and relevance curated for NPOs operating in India.

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About Us

toolbox INDIA Foundation works as a catalyst to provide strategic assistance to non-profit, growth- stage organizations through its portfolio of highly skilled, corporate volunteers.