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Transformed support functions reap big rewards for NGOs

Support functions are ancillary or noncore activities – like HR, learning and development, finance and accounting, and IT – that an organization carries out in order to facilitate its main programs and functions. The output of support functions are not themselves intended directly for the beneficiaries, but they’re essential for successful and effective completion of a process, program, or project.

Organizations with excellent support functions have proved to outperform their peers, ensuring the maximization of donor/beneficiary returns and organization continuity and providing a great and challenging workplace for employees in the long run.

Support functions enable the core activities or valueadding processes, and as the organizational backbone, play a vital role in the organization’s performance. However, most organizations neglect support functions while focusing on their core programs and processes. And this can have a significantly negative impact on the funding NGOs obtain from donors.

The case studies revolve around how teams of Genpact Social Impact Fellows optimized the support function processes in numerous NGOs.The Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) program is professional services firm Genpact’s flagship social transformation program in India. 

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