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Enabling relevant collaborations between Social Purpose Organisations

Today, the world is facing challenges of unparalleled complexity and scale; one cannot solve these challenges alone. The indispensable ingredient in determining whether we are able to overcome our obstacles and seize the opportunity of these times is –

our collaborative practices.

The ‘Collaborative Practice’ at toolbox INDIA aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices, stories, knowledge, and much more, among multiple stakeholders in the social impact sector in India.

This platform encourages nonprofit practitioners, social workers, philanthropic organisations, and other stakeholders in the field to share their ideas, stories of change, and insights which focuses on strengthening the ecosystem of changemakers.

We truly believe that shared knowledge can aid in the building of resilient communities and pooling of our knowledge brings forth a unified collective action.

What is the collaborative practice?

Key Caveats of Collaboration: SDG 17

SDG 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

  • Goal 17 of the Agenda 2030 reaffirms the international commitment to strengthen global partnerships fostered by collective objectives and a futuristic approach.
  • While there exists an interlinkage between all the 17 development goals, partnerships, of all kinds and at all levels, are central to the implementation of Agenda 2030. 
  • Goal 17 is the challenge that brings together efforts on all the other goals.

Why collaborate?

  • Address gaps in systems and processes
  • Boost organisational efficiency by sharing knowledge, expertise and resources
  • Drive broader social change and achieve the ‘meta mission’

Our aim is to drive sustainable partnerships that are central to catalyzing the shift on the nonprofit landscape and having an outsized impact in the long run.

About Us

toolbox INDIA Foundation works as a catalyst to provide strategic assistance to non-profit, growth- stage organizations through its portfolio of highly skilled, corporate volunteers.