The operation of a development organisation depends heavily on fundraising. This module focuses on the what, who, why, and how of fundraising and outlines the stages for developing a fundraising strategy. There are useful tools and examples across all core processes from procurement to utilization of funds.

Introduction to Fundraising

While leading nonprofit organizations, it is important for the leaders to recognize that change is, inevitable and organizations will need to adapt and constantly recourse to innovative solutions and approaches to respond to donors and society as a whole.

It becomes imperative for nonprofits to build and foster a relationship with the donors by continuously engaging with them, motivating them to give, and creating new opportunities for them to engage with their organisations and beneficiaries.

Fundraising has always been about building relationships with people who are or will be ready, willing, and able to give, rather than only seeking funds. Successful fundraising requires access to information on fundraising opportunities, strategies and tactics for fundraising approaches and funding channels and possessing the right tools and know-how to pursue it.

This module serves as a guideline for the key roleholders in a nonprofit organisation who are
responsible to set the approach for fundraising and ensure its implementation in practice. An FR
has been developed which serves as a comprehensive go -to guide for planning, executing
and monitoring a Fundraising strategy.

The content curated herein provides an indicative framework with easy and practical references for organising fundraising.

The module is structured into self-explanatory core units, which provides the necessary information to understand the concepts and implement the processes of FR.

Toolkits and Guide-cards are essential tools and resources to effectively create and promote the cause of the organisation and successfully organising and implementing fund raising. A repository of useful links and references have been provided for further reading and in depth understanding of the topics under consideration.

Key Takeaways

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