The COVID-19 Wall of Commitment

Read on about the relentless efforts and ground efforts of India’s committed Social Change Makers. toolbox INDIA is proud to share their stories and their work.

Though education is our core area of focus, Covid-19 pandemic hit everyone very hard and made us shift our focus to basic survival. We conducted awareness camps and gave instruction to the children in all our partner schools and our Pre Primary schools. Declared holidays to the schools from March 15th 2020 as a precautionary measure.

SInce 2015, we started out with an intent to support distressed and discarded students. Our Behavioural Mentors provided that support by speaking with such students and helping them on their individual and personal concerns. 

We at Jeevantirth took a call, first by spreading awareness among communities and then directly helping the most vulnerable sections of society affected badly by Covid-19 pandemic in our own limited reach. We give brief account of the activities done so far by
Jeevantirth with whole humbleness.

Gram Vikas trust is working in the marginalized parts of Bharuch from 2001. It was our first response during this pandemic period where COVID-19 was killing people everywhere. We are privileged that we were able to help the communities of Bharuch at a point when theyneeded the most.

In April 2020, Aarti Naik and the team of SAKHI for Girls Education launched
the Girls Audio Storytelling Project with the strong support of Prerna Ghodake.
Prerna is a girl in the 8th standard who has excellent skills in audio recording
and storytelling. Every day she records a new inspiring audio story in Hindi,
Marathi, or English to be shared with thousands of home-bound girls in urban slums and rural areas via WhatsApp.

Toybank’s ethos is firm — ‘It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’ Through our Play Sessions, we promote at-risk children’s mental well-being, cognitive and social- emotional  evelopment as well as  resilience so that they grow up to be well-rounded adults. 

In this unprecedented time of epidemic, SPID Society is fully committed and engaged to fight against Covid19, especially starvation. 

SIDF reaches out to marginalized rural communities to attenuate COVID-19 Outbreak on 6th May 2020 at District Udalguri & Darrang , Assam

Dry Ration: Distributed to the poor and marginalized people


As the country extends the lockdown, we at Habitat for Humanity India are supporting families and individuals living in vulnerable conditions with no safety net by providing families with Hygiene and Family Essentials Kits. 

From very 1st day of declaration of the lockdown, Rajabazar Education and Awareness Development Society (READS), an NGO working in the field of welfare and development of urban deprived as well as people in rural areas in distress since 2000, has set up a team of its staff and volunteers to make people aware about the danger of this disease and to stop the spread of infections among people of Kolkata.

After Dharavi, the 2nd largest slums of Asia are Mankhurd and Govandi. The current lockdown is severely affecting the poor people living in the slum communities. With their livelihood at a standstill, these people are fighting for their daily survival, with no food and medicines.

After the outbreak of this Coronavirus pandemic, the daily workers, slum dwellers and migrants in Goa are struggling to feed and support their families. We at El Shaddai are taking action to ensure that our daily wagers aren’t forgotten.

Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan has been working for children with intellectual disabilities since the last three decades. It has two units in CBD -Disha Special School for children in the age group of 4 to 18 and Falguni vocational centre for the students above the age of 18. The trust runs one unit named seabird special school in the rural area of Uran.

The first thing VSM felt was to understand the ground level issues facing our students and their families – Grocery, Vegetables, Medicine, psychological needs and internet access. This was done through a Survey through Google form and telephone calls by mentors to their mentee.

ETASHA provided Cash support to our trainees’ families who are daily wage dependant, hence have no income source currently.

ETASHA also provided food rations and other necessities to families of the needy in the communities we work in.

Sunbird Trust

While the lockdown has relatively spared those working in large companies and the IT industry, others, especially in the unorganized sector have not been so fortunate.

RNisarg Foundation

RNisarg Foundation had already been helping Thane Municipal Corporation’s Sanitation workers and providing them safety equipment and sanitizing tools.

Janjagruti Vidyarthi Sangh

Currently we are providing support in our working areas which are
various slums situated in Mankhurd, Govandi, Chembur & Mulund area of Mumbai as well as some slum areas in Pune.

Udayan Care

As we enter Month 2 of the lockdown, the real frontline workers at Child Care Institutions (CCIs), the care providers, are working tirelessly to keep children home, safe and engaged.

Asha ka Jharna

COVID 19 caught all of us unprepared and magnitude of this kind of unprecedented pandemic threw up enormous challenge which is multifold given the nature of prevailing situation.

Indigenous and Frontier Technology Research Centre

IFTR is small and participated by elderly people. IFTR, though wanted to visit rural areas and work with villages, considering the Corona, has decided to defer that idea and has started working on three areas viz. hygiene, Social media Campaigns and Online webinars


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